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  1. Plural of mound

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wikt mound Mound may refer to one of the following.
  • Mound may refer to any artificial heap or pile, especially of earth, rocks, or sand
  • Mound (creature), a half-plant, half-human creature in the paintings and writings of artist Trenton Doyle Hancock
  • Mound, Louisiana
  • Mound, Minnesota
  • The Mound, a street in Edinburgh, Scotland linking the Old Town and the New Town
  • Mound, a rock 'n roll band from Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Mound (generally in the plural "mounds"), a euphemism for buttocks (or in the singular mound, referring to the Mons pubis)
  • Mound, in baseball referring to a surface raised 10 ½ inches on a baseball diamond from which pitches are thrown towards home plate
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